Problems I Had While Breastfeeding in Public

Problems I Had While Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding is the most nutritious food for your baby supplying the right food at the proper stage in your baby’s life. It in itself is a miraculous thing. Then there is this special bonding you get when you nourish your child this way. It is such a precious experience.

That being said- it is not always easy! We live busy lives and we do not live on the farm (not that that isn’t busy) where we work, get our food and everything we do is at home. We have to go out in the world and put our babies in car seats, strollers etc. so that we can buy the things we need like food and toilet paper.

The best price for toilet paper is at Costco and going there with a new breastfeeding baby can be challenging/draining. I don’t know why Costco seems to be the place that brings me such angst - is it the big purchases? crowded with large shopping carts? or the fact you have to be ready with your membership card twice, once while walking and being pushed behind you by the people with free hands, and the other at the checkout line where it seems like a lifetime you had to use it before? Then the receipt or they won’t let you out the door? Am I the only one that gets flustered as a mother trying to multi-task their requirements? By the way, I do still shop there. In fact, it was just yesterday I got my supply of the best baby wipes (Kirkland brand) in the world and 3 months of toilet paper among other things.

It was also here that I came up with a solution to a few problems I had running errands with a breastfeeding baby. See- I was feeding my child in an ergo which they supply so generously with a breastfeeding cover on top, but the only problem happens to be-my postpartum belly showing on the side. I guess if I remembered to wear a shirt that was low enough to pull down or a tank top bra, or two shirts I wouldn’t be trying to tuck in a blanket every which way. My son was hungry and I was going to feed him!

My clothes lacked pockets because I was in-between sizes and had bought some stretchy pants and big shirts. This brought issues for me because running errands with a baby and a little boy didn’t leave hands for a purse. I needed a third hand or a pocket just for keys and my credit card and ID.

At the same time, I was frustrated with all these nuances of motherhood in the modern world I was working on designing a clothing line for breastfeeding mothers that wouldn’t look like it. Something with breathable fabrics made from natural fiber without Polyester. Also cute organic Ts that would be good for your skin as well as the baby you are wearing! Eco-friendly and ethically-made is a must in the production.

Did you know that Polyester is made from plastic and is basically like saran wrap around your body?

During the postpartum period, some like me experience hot flashes and night sweats. This is due to the breastfeeding suppressing your estrogen. So these new big shirts I had bought were all made of Polyester and I couldn’t stand wearing one for more than 5 minutes even during winter. So wearing a tank top bra, or a tank top and a tee was too hot for me.

I came up with a solution that would fix all these issues I was having; It is called “The Breast Vest”! I sourced ethical fabric that is breathable and soft. (I am such a tactile person, it has to feel good to touch) and I designed the vest to be fashionable for everyday wear. I didn’t want to look like breastfeeding clothing or cover but something you would love to wear even if you aren’t breastfeeding.

It has deep pockets with a snap to secure your essential belongings. It covers from the sides so your side belly won’t show while you are breastfeeding your baby in a front carrier. You can have full coverage if you snap it in place at the shoulder snap or have half coverage if you snap the cover just about the pocket. The half coverage is great if you have an older baby that doesn’t like their face covered but you want to cover your belly. Just pull your shirt up and your shirt will cover the main top part of your breast while the vest covers your belly.

I’m passionate about the Breast Vest because I’m passionate about making life easier for mamas like me. The high-quality materials, modern style, and convenience-focused features make breastfeeding more about bonding and less about struggling. If you’d like to make your breastfeeding better, try the Breast Vest out for yourself.

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