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 Ellie Kelley is not just a designer. She is a mother, doula, and bodyworker. She cares about women and wants to help make mothering easier. The earth, ethics, and what are good for our bodies are all important to her in everything she does. That is why the Breast Vest and anything she creates is not only good for the enviroment, but is ethically made, and good for our skin. There is no plastics like polyester or nylon in our clothing. Which is good for the earth, our skin, and our postpartum hot bodies. The Breast Vest was designed to be beautiful as it is functional.

Watch Below to See How & Why Ellie Came Up with The Breast Vest.

Creating The Breast Vest

Don't take our word for it


This is such an amazing creation. The Breast Vest is versatile and great for mamas who don’t want to show it all off. It’s great and very well made. It’s definitely a quality made piece. Once I am done using it I will probably still use it because it’s great and has lot of pockets, and it’s something I will keep in case I ever have another baby. Thank you so much, it’s great!


Grover Beach, CA


The Breast Vest is a game changer! Ellie has literally thought of everything for this! The fabric is luxe and breathable for my baby, and the design is perfect for me and my busy life on-the-go. My plan has been to nurse my baby for at least her first year of life, but I didn’t want to rework my entire wardrobe for nursing specific pieces. This takes the stress out of planning a nursing-friendly outfit every day. Every mama needs this in their life! Not only is it practical, but it looks great with everything! I will be wearing this long after nursing.




Breastfeeding is known for being the absolute best thing for baby and mama. As a new mama trying to make sure baby is taken care of, you breastfeed whenever and wherever! However as a new mama it brings a certain shyness. You try and use a blanket, tuck it in a way that can’t be pulled off by baby, but inevitably it comes down. Using the Breast Vest has helped me be more comfortable feeding a baby in public, knowing it’s not going to fall down! That’s HUGE! I’m grateful for this mama helper. Thanks Ellie Kelley!




I am impressed with the Breast Vest! It is comfortable, stylish, and well made. I wear it even when I am not breastfeeding my kids. I was surprised how quickly I received it after ordering. I highly recommend Elizabeth's creation for all nursing people.


San Luis Obispo, CA


The fabric is absolutely lux and soft. This Breast Vest is beautiful and makes me feel beautiful to wear with just about anything. I love that the fabric doesn't make me feel hot. It is breathable and soft!


San Diego, CA